Remote Computer Support

 Remote Computer Support

Y.L PC Repairs provides remote computer support for all problems, except hardware problems. We connect securely to your computer/laptop, and we repair it, like we were in front of it.

By using secure Remote Support software we are able to view and take full control of your computer in order to repair it. Every online remote session is fully encrypted and secure, so none of your information can be seen by anyone else other than Y.L PC Repairs and yourself. We will only be able to view and control your desktop which you can also see and will not be able to access anything on your machine without you actively requesting it.

The benefits of remote support are:

  • no packing up your computer/laptop and transporting it to the shop.remote support
  • Fast service, so you can continue your work.
  • no-one visiting your place and inconveniencing you.
  • more cost effective (lower charge per hour )
We can rectify all sorts of problems remotely including:
  • Virus, malware, spyware removal.
  • Slow computer problems.
  • Software problems.
  • Email problems.
  • Printer problems.
We can provide the following services, too:
  • Optimize windows.
  • Full computer health check.
  • Install and configure software.
  • Secure your computer and your network.
  • Update your windows with service packs and patches.
  • Update device drivers.

See how it works below:

  • we agree that the problem can be fixed remotely
  • you pay up front for one hour(min. charge) through Paypal(no Paypal account required) using a debit/credit card
  • an appointment time is agreed and booked
  • we call you and instruct you on the use of the remote client to be used
  • we connect and fix the problem(s)
  • we send you an invoice/receipt(any extra cost is added and billed for in additional 1/2 hour increments)

Should we be unable to fix the problem remotely(i.e. a re-install is required) we will call to collect the computer to fix it in our workshop or attend and fix onsite.  Extra work is chargeable at current hourly rate.  Should it not be practical to visit because of distance a full refund will be initiated.