Virus Removal

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Is your computer running incredible slow? Are you experiencing annoying pop-up advertisements? Your system could be infected with viruses or spyware! This means your personal data could well be affected.

We are specialist to remove viruses,malware, spyware, etc. We use special virus removal software to remove all of them, simply and fast, as well we tune up your computer/laptop, at the same time. But we don’t stop there, we restore your system as was before the virus, we fix any damage of your system because of virus. And finally, we protect your system to eliminate the possibility to be infected again, with antivirus program installation.

How to know that you get infected:

Your Computer start time is increased.
When you type an address to web browser, you redirected to other address.
Your computer is slower when you are working.
You have “infected with virus” pop-ups.
You have unfamiliar pop-ups trying to sell you a removal.
Your computer stop responding or locks up often.
Your computer crashes and restarts often.
Applications don’t work correctly.
Your settings changed and you can’t change them back.

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